Effing fairies.*

*Yes, I know I took those pictures in the 2006 loss to San Diego, but the only pictures I have from the 2005 trip to San Diego – which the Steelers won in the last seconds – are of Steelers fans. You know, because there are generally more of us than Charger fans when the two teams meet, no matter the location.

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5 Responses to You know who roots for San Diego?

  1. tecmo says:


    I hope the Chargers win now

  2. Well, if her night elf Druid isn’t up to level 80 yet, she’ll have plenty of time to power-level after Sunday.

    (I hope she doesn’t have any Horde alts on Bloodhoof. My death knight is still only 66.)


  3. SA says:

    At least the wings are kinda cute. If you like fairy wings and all.

  4. Cotter says:

    I have no words for this…simply unexplainable.

  5. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    So is she trying to imply that the Chargers need a fairy in order to win? Isn’t that what Chris Chambers is for?

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