An epic post “So, how about those sports” has been in the works since spring.

In the meanwhile, do you miss the Friday Football Foodie? Me too, so I put it over here on the new site I’ve been asked to be a part of, Playing The Field! This week’s post, The Originial Friday Football Foodie – Tostada Cups and Mint Juleps!

In other news, I started an All-Steelers Bloggers Fantasy Football League! Possibly one of the best ideas I’ve had all summer, and definitely one the best drafts I’ve ever been a part of.

48 Hours until Sunday morning!

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2 Responses to Hang in there…

  1. Cotter says:

    Best five day fantasy draft, ever!

    Can’t wait for the Epic Sports post!

  2. I think I may know who is responsible for the high speed chase in Pittsburgh.

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