No highlights (okay, maybe the hemp seed tabouli salad, the wild mushroom “pilaf”, and the watermelon) and no low lights.  No headaches.  Just want a GODDAMN CUP OF COFFEE OR TEA OR SOMETHING WARM TO DRINK I DON’T CARE IF IT IS SUGAR FREE LO-CARB TOFU BASED CAROB DRINKS AS LONG AS IT IS WARM.

Yes, this diet is making me feel much better.  Toxins certainly flowing freely now.

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One Response to Raw Food Diet – Day 3

  1. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    Somehow it gets progressively better-and-better from day-to-day. (Too many hyphens in that last sentence, you say? Too bad.)

    Rice pilof was decent. Not the most appealing looking dish of the bunch, but tasty enough to fool you into eating it.

    It’s still no Southern Chicken Style sandwich from McD’s.

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