(Does your company send out these “itinerary” emails? We do at my office, just people know where you are if they need you and/or panic when they do not see you on IM and/or don’t respond to an email within 45 minutes.)

Anyway, I should have come into the office this past weekend to play some catch up and get ahead of the curve so I could have taken off Thursday (Friday is already a holiday) but couldn’t find the motivation to do so.  (Mostly because new boss #1 is going to be in town on Wednesday, so I figure my Thursday is already fucked.)

For two weekends in a row Sundays have been for getting up early and watching Pens wins followed by Pistons wins.  Can’t argue with that.   Spent some time this weekend on my next big sports blog project, but hit enough road blocks to put off working on it until I have a few days straight to concentrate on it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to wrap that up soon.

Other than that, I’m going off the grid – aside of my small Twitter addiction – until probably Thursday.   Just too much to get done, too little time, and I want to watch as much basketball as I can at the end of the week.

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