I always thought chuchitos were Guatemalan tamales, but what do I know. (Although there are tamales on the upper shelf.) Either way, it is good to see people insisting on proper signage.

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5 Responses to Kangaroo Nonsense #2 – Atwater Village Costco 3/8/08

  1. Whaddaya think? Employee or customer who fixed the error?

  2. Could go either way. If you ever want to get a feel for how tough racial tensions can be in LA, watch everyone fighting for space at that Costco and calling each other names.

  3. I’ve been to that one with my mom, I think — is that the one on Los Feliz?

  4. Yep, right by the 5.

  5. Yup. Hate the parking lot at that fucker. Took 30 minutes to find a spot, and we definitely cussed at a few cars while trying to find it.

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