• Free Fries at Arby’s tomorrow (3/10/08) in celebration of #17 Matt Kenseth winning the NASCAR Nicorette 300.   Bring in the official race results from either a newspaper or a website to claim yours!
  • Los Angeles Magazine is on to round two of voting for their March Madness –The 64 Greatest Things in LA.   Sorry In-and-Out, you cannot hold up to Amoeba.
  • Steelers’ Linebacker James Harrison was arrested for simple assault and criminal mischief.  The only two people who ever know what is going on in a relationship are the two people in it together, but when you’re gal locks herself into the bathroom?  Leave.  Don’t break down the door.  Don’t break her phone.  Do not hit her.
  • Finally, thanks to the crew of FaceOffCircle.Net for posting this great YouTube video of Backstrom scoring on his own net to seal the win for the Pens in the final minute of play.  Watch until the end to hear Crosby’s laughter and joy.
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6 Responses to In case you missed it #2 – Free Curly Fries!

  1. That is an unfair match-up; In-N-Out vs. Amoeba. That has to be in a later round. Bad, bad draw.

  2. No kidding. Do you know how long I had to think about “the light” verses Musso and Frank’s in the first round?

  3. Also hated the Spaceland vs. Trader Joe’s match-up because I love TJ and I saw so many shows at Spaceland that it’s not fair to make me pick between the two.

    LA Mag needs to get a better selection committee. The NCAA’s selection committee would not let that shit happen.

  4. Tuffy says:

    Also: Black and Gold Tchotchkes is a Web site. Jus’ sayin’.

  5. The internet tells me that “website” is acceptable. Therefore, there is no need to edit the post.

  6. Pam says:

    Although I wanted the Pens to lose, Backstrom shooting the puck into his net was great, and it was actually fun to see how much Sid enjoyed it.

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