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Since the last seconds ticked off the clock in the Cowboys-Giants game on Sunday, I’ve been downright giddy thinking about the conference championships for one reason and one reason only; they both are going to be played outside in the cold, and hopefully the snow.

The Weather Channel forecasts Foxboro to have an expected high of 24 degrees and a low of 7 degrees on Sunday, with strong west-northwest winds of 22 miles per hour.

Green Bay at kickoff? Somewhere between 1-4 degrees with a 30% chance of snow. (This is warmer then yesterday, when it was forecasted to be -4 degrees for the low.)

According to The Weather Channel’s shaky analysis (the stats for games played indoors vs outdoors for each team seem to be incomplete) the cold does favor one team more than the other three. And it is not Green Bay.

The most favorable weather conditions for the New England Patriots are games with winds 15 mph or less, without precipitation and temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

While San Diego Chargers, the New York Giants, and the Green Bay Packers share similar records when weather is taken into consideration.

The most favorable weather conditions for the Chargers/Giants/Packers are games with winds 15 mph or less, without precipitation and temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

So let’s take a moment to celebrate the weather. The snow, the cold, the outdoors.

Come Super Bowl time, we’re stuck with a boring, old dome.

Green Bay vs Seattle, 2008

Raiders-Pats, 2002 (The Tuck Rule Game. I cannot bring myself to post the picture of the of that moment, but watching that game with my fellow Steelers fans back in Pittsburgh snowed in at Saloon waiting to see who we’d play the next week is possibly one of my fondest football memories.)

Infamous Snow Plow Game, Dolphins-Pats 1982

Pats Fans, 2003

Cowboys-Dolphins, Thanksgiving 1993

Eagles-Bears Fog Bowl, 1988 (Which is just like every Super Bowl game post-halftime fireworks.)

(I couldn’t resist.)
(First person to make a “Bettis is from Detroit” joke gets a beat-down.)
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15 Responses to AFC and NFC Championships: Last Call for Weather

  1. Pam says:

    This is warmer then yesterday, when it was forecasted to be -4 degrees for the low

    Wow. Wisconsin sucks.

  2. DougOLis says:

    It snows in Dallas?

  3. metschick says:

    I love the pic from the Green Bay/Seattle game. It looks like they’re playing in a snow globe.

  4. Nicole says:

    As I type this from Milwaukee, I can unequivocally tell Pam, that yes, yes it does. You know, except for, you know…


    and this

    and this
    (he’s from Burlington, WI)

    to keep us warm on those COLD winter nights!

  5. Tuffy says:

    Unfortunately, the coldest place in football is still Bill Belichick’s heart.

  6. SA says:

    Me too Metsy. Fave picture of the bunch.

    Tuffy +1 (we do that here, right?)

  7. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    @Tuffy: Nice! +2

    Frankly, I’m disappointed the NFL Head Office saw fit to start holding all Superbowls in domes and warmer-climate areas. Frankly, if the fans are willing to show up in droves to watch a regular season game in this kind of fluff, wouldn’t they be just as willing to do so if their team was competing for the Lombardi?

    And maybe it would start to help weed out that “casual Superbowl fans” who only go just to say they’ve gone. And the horrendous celebrity hanger-on’s who get invited to plush box seats and get plenty of camera time (sometimes more so than the decent play-action taking place on the field). Just think, in reality how many times would Fox be able to cut to the cast of THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, all huddled together and bundled under a million layers at Lambeau Field in the midst of IceBowl XXIII?

  8. I’ve never liked watching games with weather like this. It doesn’t seem to bring out the best out of players.

  9. ladyandrea says:

    Bettis is from Notre Dame.

    Am I still getting beat down?

  10. Looks at Andrea’s toe,
    looks at the line,
    looks at the toe.

    No. Not this time.

  11. Penguin says:

    Temps -6 to 6 degrees with west-nw winds at 37 mph…

    Gawd I miss Wisconsin this time of year…. hey, it’s only life threatening two of three weeks out of the year! Buy some Filson wool and you’ll be fine.


  12. DougOLis says:

    @Tuffy: +1 (+3 cumulative)

    @IJMTU: But the NFL Head Office cares about money first and foremost. While it would be awesome to see the actual Super Bowl played at Lambeau (for real fans at least), not many people will willingly want to visit Green Bay in the middle of the winter. Plus, fair weather fans (and I’m actually talking about weather) from warm weather climates (San Diego, Miami, Phoenix, etc.) would never show up for a game in the snow. Hell, the Chargers-Titans game didn’t sell out until the last minute because people were worried about rain.

  13. Minda says:

    Today is Hump Day! Is there a Hottie?

  14. Minda – That’s my bad. I was supposed to put some hotties in the post today so we could merge the two and give Texy the night off, but life got in the way last night.

    And let’s face it, Teddy’s fat ass is not hot.

  15. DougOLis says:

    By life, do you mean Taco Tuesday and half off Mexican beers and margaritas? Cause if so, I know what you mean.

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