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I, TheStarterWife, resolve the following in 2008 –

1. I will try to not to hate teams that are doing that much better than my teams (Red Wings, Rangers, all of MLB) teams striving for perfection (Patriots) and teams that I really have no reason to dislike (Michigan, Ducks, Angels). The Chuck Palahniuk “destroy something beautiful” mentality is beneath me.

2. I will try to eat healthier snacks during football games.

3. I will try to become more tolerant of the fans that wear pink. (Although I loathe the phrase used to describe the rush to fill the void of women’s apparel, “shrink it then pink it”.)

4. I will judge other sports fans less on their behavior on blogs and more on their behavior in person.

5. I will only participate in three fantasy football leagues. Any more is madness.

6. I will continue to quash the feelings every minute I waste watching sports, talking about sports, and writing about sports is one more minute that I am placated by America, Inc’s pacifier instead of taking that one minute to fight for the rapidly deteriorating planet on which we all live.

7. Finally retire my copy of “Jock Jams”.

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