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Short and sweet as we go into Week 4 of the Ladies “Stand by Your Man” hottie QB fantasy league. I’m exhausted from seeing my main squeeze play in person – more on this later in the week – and let’s face it; October is when all hell breaks loose in sports. Some of the craziest baseball in ages, (Rockies, Cubs, Phillies, and Diamondbacks? Who the hell had that in the pool?), hockey has dropped its first puck, and now that we are 1/4 through the regular season, the NFL story lines are in place. Favre’s record setting season. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady continue to walk on water. Romo is for real. Grossman rides the pine. And Philip Rivers is secretly txting Marty every time Norv turns his back.

Andie’s ThreatLevelMidnight – 149.56 Tony Romo – 32.96
Holly’s JimBobCooterGaveMe6 – 137.52 Peyton Manning – 25.42

Andie – Regardless of TSW’s reaction to my drafting of Tony Romo, he was HOT this week. He had 3 passing TDs, 1 rushing TD and he threw for 300+ yards. I want to make out with him.

Holly – Only 3 TDs for Peyton Baby, and I blame myself. He’s been really
tired* lately.

*From all the sex.

Texas Gal’s The Real (Colt)McCoy – 153.66 – Brett Favre – 19.86
SA’s Woodson Over Manning – 136.74 Tom Brady – 20.04

Texas Gal – My darling Brett rolled this week- coming up just a hair short of the Dreamboat. But that’s perfectly OK, because Brett suits me juuuuuuust fine exactly as he is. (and my team racked up the highest score of the week- so I can’t complain even if I wanted to)

(Editor’s Note – SA has been overcome with emotion over her dreamboat Brady and was unavailable for comment.)

Clare’s Speckhosen – 121.48 Jon Kitna – 15.78
Metschick DeJesus’ Homies – 62.34 Philip Rivers 4.44

Clare – jopn kitna: FUCK LIONNNNNNNNNN sexy rexy: sexy pinep]p-rider (Editor’s Note: Clare may or may not have been drunk when she sent this email.)

Metschick – Hmm, so what was Philip up to this past weekend? Ah, I see his team lost to the Chiefs. At home. Lovely. And I see all I got out of you was 4 points. That’s it – you’re out and the loser Manning is in next week!

TheStarterWife – 116.76 Ben Roethlisberger – 18.36
GordonShumway’s Angelina Ate My Baby – 53.60 (No starting QB.)

TheStarterWife – Ben, I love you, but it took every fiber of my being to not rush the field and strangle you for throwing into double coverage. In the end zone. I know there was no O-line on Sunday and you were sacked more than you had been all season, but no need to go loosing your pretty head, ok? Did you notice that it took both Leinart and Warner playing to beat you and the boys?

(Editor’s Note – This is what you get when you not only do not start a QB, but leave a total of four empty slots on your team due to bye games. Elton John’s – Bernie Taupin lyrics, natch – blues/country album that failed to produce even one hit song.)

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0 Responses to Stand By Your Man – Fantasy QB Results: Week 4

  1. metschick says:

    My team is teh suck. Seriously.

  2. Holly says:

    I can’t believe I lost TO A GIRL.

  3. I cannot tell you why, but I love that picture of Rivers bleeding.

  4. ladyandrea says:

    Tony Romo is not a girl. He’s a hot TD machine.

  5. Tuffy says:

    TD machine? Where do I put the quarters?

  6. Tuff – You best be worried about your own broken down QBs. Someone stuck gum in their slots.

  7. Godfather says:


    It’s not that bad. Burn Down the Mission is a good song off that album.

  8. DougOLis says:

    As opposed to Dreamboat, the VD machine.

  9. Yeah, I actually own that album… thanks Godfather!
    I would’ve been way more offended if you’d used a picture of “Made in England”.

    I blame baseball paralysis for my failure to check on my fantasy team. My *real* fantasy team involves Jonathan Papelbon, Jacoby Ellsbury, and a jar of Nutella.

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