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Happy return to baseball, Clare’s Baseball Boyfriend Cole. Hope you don’t mind staying up until way past everyone’s bedtime for the 14-inning 7-4 victory over the Red Birds after pitching 3 innings. 5 hours, 4 minutes, and 19 pitchers. Good lord is September baseball stressful. Just ask the Cubs, Brewers, Yankees, and Tigers. Obviously Pirate fans don’t remember what that feels like.

Listen Demetrius, I feel you. You thought the starting QB job was yours, but it turns out that the bag of cottage cheese that is coach Weis was thinking about some freshman that happened to be out with an injury.

And it hurts.

Just today, I thought a certain assignment was going to be mine, but it turned out that they were going to give the work to one of my co-workers so they could get that person up to speed on how to handle this type of job.
Now did I pack my bags and walk down the street to next [ insert various entertainment industry office here ] without saying good-bye to my boss? No. I took a deep breath, knew that I was still a valued member of the team, and promptly started a new project that will also allow me to shine. (Not after saying, “Mother fucking fuckers fuckity fuck idiots” to myself about ten times, but that is allowed. As long as you move on.)

This is what the workplace is all about. Realizing sometimes the boss might tap someone else for a few games. And who knows, maybe this kid will be a complete bust, and they would have marched right back to your dorm room begging for you to start again.

So coming out and saying, “I don’t want to talk about Notre Dame anymore” is as immature as you believe it is.

The New Year’s “Ice Bowl” game, (being played outdoors in Buffalo – booze and hand warmers not included) , featuring the Penguins verses the Sabres sold out 42,000 seats in less than a half hour on Tuesday. Good enough reason for me to post a picture of Crosby, Talbot, and Armstrong celebrating in pre-season hockey play.

So I have mixed feelings about college football, (ok – not so mixed – IT IS A CULT SPORT), but everyday I find myself reading T. Kyle King’s Dawg Sports. I didn’t go to Georgia, the SEC scares me, and I really don’t like peaches. What I do like are cute boys that maybe look like their mascot. Check out Georgia kicker Brandon Coutu and see what I mean when I say, “cute pug nose”.

Did you know that Just Call Me Juice has closed shop and Marco now has launched a new college basketball blog named Storming the Floor? You do now, so please update your blog rolls accordingly.

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0 Responses to Wednesday Hit and Run – The one where we don’t quit our job

  1. chitowntiger says:

    Brandon Coutu looks like the sort of young man who you bring home to your mother. Precious.

  2. Cameron says:

    good lord, cole! But, I can forgive you for that not so great 3 innings a. because we won b. because the mets lost and c. because you are pretty.

  3. Metschick says:


  4. Pam/ZPS says:

    what happened to the penguins jerseys?

  5. Clare says:

    Who took that photo of Cole and Rich Dubee? Rembrandt? Vermeer?

  6. Pam – It is those new Reebok designs. I believe most of the league went to Reebok.

    I would say that I always loved CCM, but that factory was always so behind on orders, I can’t.

  7. bristlesage says:

    I am going on a tangent here to mention that I just got back from the West Coast baseball swing, 6 parks in 7 days. In seeing my Oakland A’s, we were three rows off the bullpen–this means I have some pictures of Huston Street for you all. FROM BEHIND. Yes!

  8. Pam/ZPS says:

    TSW, I know that, but it looks like the Penguins changed their design a little bit, with those side panels…Im not sure, it just looks weird

  9. Pam/ZPS says:

    bristlesage, let’s have ’em!

  10. Pam/ZPS says:

    PS, TSW, check this out:

  11. Pam – Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies had a good review of the unis here –

  12. Ugh – Those Capital jerseys are fugly.

  13. Pam/ZPS says:

    TSW, I think the Isles and Panthers are the worst…
    the Bruins jersey is pretty sweet…
    and bless my Devils for not changing!

  14. Pam/ZPS says:

    I like that PSAMP piece…it’s a nice perspective

  15. Holly says:

    TSW, this was insanely appropriate for me today. You have the gift of prophecy. And fabulous hair.

  16. Well, something else just happened and I might set my office on fire, (concrete building, so just my desk and filing cabinets would burn, and the two offices on either side of me unfortunately would be unscathed), today.

    PS You too have great hair.

  17. SA says:

    TSW-we’ll pull you into our cult sooner or later.

    As long as your not chanting “Victory” then everything will be alright.

  18. chasevidwrightley says:

    OK, I ATTEMPTED to post earlier but I don’t think WordPress wanted my comment seen. So, here’s another try:

    Poor Cole, he just didn’t have his “stuff” last night. But he looks ohsogood in that picture. (Monica, if you read this…um…i’mnotcuttinginonyourpitcher, ipromise).

    and a brief letter:

    Dear Phillies,
    I love you. Please don’t break my little heart again this year.
    Love (even if you do),

  19. JasonC says:

    As someone who has Cole on my fantasy team, the outing did suck- especially after being on the DL for..ever. And the Cole in this photo doesn’t look like the Cole in Yahoo!’s profile pic. Check it.

  20. jolemamels says:

    Yup, I’m wet.

  21. Lindsey says:

    i’m with chasevidwrightley…the phil’s are so close to the penant, and the wild card. AGAIN. I’m seriously gonna cry if they don’t make it into the post season….

  22. chasevidwrightley says:

    Seriously, Lindsey. Buncha heartbreakers they are. But I’ll still love them the most no matter what.

    And to be completely honest, I think I’ll cry more if they DO make it into the post season. I’ve been saying that for the past two seasons–if the Phillies make the playoffs and–dare I say it–the World Series? I will cry like a baby.

  23. Georgiagirl says:

    Forget Coutu, Billy Bennett was the cutest Georgia kicker EVAH. McConaughey and Fox don’t hold a candle to him in We Are Marshall.

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