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Week 2 of the Stand By Your Man fantasy football league had two Ladies, (Andrea and Clare), already looking to their back-up boyfriends and featured hottie QBs that were going against each other in the Sunday Night Football game.

Metschick (De)Jesus’ Homies


SA Woodson over Manning

Philip Rivers

Starting QB

Tom Brady

Alex Smith

Backup QB

Matt Hasselbeck

Eli Manning 13.44

“Just a friend”

Matt Leinart 14.56


Overall team score


Winning QB and Game winner – SA

Metschick – I hate you, Philip Rivers. Yeah, you played better this week, but you only got me 11 points, and the QB your team faced netted my opponent 22. Whatever, just get out of my sight.

SA – DREAMBOAT!!!! That’s all.

Holly JimBobCooterGaveMe6


GordonShumway Angelina Ate My Baby

Peyton Manning

Starting QB

Drew Brees


Did Not Play Not sweaty

David Carr

Backup QB

Jake Delhomme

Donovan McNabb 11.10

“Just a friend”

Jay Cutler 12.56



Overall team score



Winning QB and Gamer Winner – Holly
For the second week, GordonShumway has let the dominate scorer ride the pine while her hottie flounders. Meanwhile, Holly better be getting ready to send Chad Johnson and Lance Briggs flowers and chocolates with the 30-some points each guy added in for her impressive team win.

Holly – David Carr did not “play”, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t work up a sweat. If you know what I mean.*

*we totally did it

GordonShumway – Well, that’ll teach me to doubt the Bojangles-powered fury of Jake Delhomme. Never again, Jake. I raise my sweet tea to you.

As for Drew Brees, let’s do some role playing, m-kay? You be you, and I’ll be Chargers GM A.J. Smith. Instead of going to New Orleans, though, you’re just traveling to the bench. Dre–what? No, you don’t need to pack a bag. Yes, you can take Mr. Sniffles. Now go sit down, m-kay?

TheStarterWife Terrible Turpees

vs Lady Andrea ThreatLevelMidnight

Ben Roethlisberger

Starting QB

Tony Romo

Carson Palmer

Backup QB

Marc Bulger

Steve McNair OUT

“Just a friend” N/A

Overall team score


QB Winner – Andrea
Team Winner – TheStarterWife

TSW – I would have rather my fantasy team lost than Ben lose to Romosexual, but since the Steelers won in real life, I cannot complain too much. (Other than fuck that Palmer.)

Andrea – I liked what I saw from Romo last week and this week he did not disappoint. I’d rub it in to TSW (who apparently hates Tony Romo with the fury of 1,000 nuns) but she spanked me pretty thoroughly this week, so….. (slinks away)

Texas Gal The Real (Colt)McCoy


Clare Speckhosen

Vince Young

Starting QB

Jon Kitna

Brett Favre

Backup QB

Rex Grossman

J.P. Losman 9.96

“Just a friend”

Matt Schaub 17.38


Overall team score


QB Winner – Texas Gal
Team Winner – Clare

Texy is so in love with seeing that baseball jersey, she keeps squeaking by with this narrow victories with her boy Young as old man Favre continues to haunt the bench. (What gives Texy? He’s on the Ladies banner for crying out loud.) Clare made the right choice going to “Concussion Miracle Boy” Kitna. He had not missed a portion of the game, she would have certainly taken the win from TG.

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12 Responses to Stand By Your Man – Fantasy QB Results: Week 2

  1. Lady Andrea,

    Care to make a friendly wager on the Wisconsin-Iowa game this weekend??


  2. Steve says:

    @ OTB, the vomit would take away from the booby shot a bit.

  3. Metschick says:

    God, I suck at this…

  4. Mesty – Not your fault that Rivers started off the season against two tough – christ, Super Bowl – teams.

    They have the Packers and KC next. You should be ok.

  5. ladyandrea says:

    Hmmmm……nope, I don’t OTB.

    Steve, I don’t barf when we lose to just anybody. Iowa State is special.

  6. We are talking about the team that allowed the Citadel to tie them at the half last week…

    And it doesn’t have to involve stenciling PJ Hills name on your unmentionables either…

  7. Holly says:

    I’d rub it in to TSW

    Who wouldn’t?

  8. ladyandrea says:

    Niiiiice. I love it when we’re unintentionally dirrrty. +1 Holly.

  9. Great, now someone is going to email my mom.

    – 1 Andrea ;)

  10. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    Rub what?


    (Too bad my mom will not email you.)

  12. TSW's M says:

    Keep it clean Ladies!!!

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