Download Full Page American League Bingo Card PDF Here

Need a little bit more excitement and entertainment for your All-Star game party?

Well we here at Ladies believe that even the most casual of fan should be able to have some fun watching the Midsummer Classic, so we’ve whipped up some All-Star Bingo Cards! No need to try to keep track of pitching changes when you can look for Big Papi to point to the sky, Alyssa Milano in the stands, and players adjusting their junk instead. We’ve got your American League, National League, and Interleague Bingo all here!

Download Full Page National League Bingo Card PDF Here

Download Full Page Interleague Bingo Card PDF Here
(Editor’s Note: Thank you so much for all your work on the graphics GordonShumway/JMoney and Texas Gal! You two r0x0rs my b0x0rs! Clare, thanks for being funny and getting why I love bingo cards.- TSW)
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50 Responses to MLB All-Star Game Excitement B-I-N-G-O Style

  1. Holly says:

    This is our Citizen Kane, y’all. Fantastic work.

  2. Texas Gal says:

    These are perhaps the most perfect things, ever. I want to marry them. Or at least cuddle with them until the wee hours of the morning.

    (I might have already done so at some point during the last 2 weeks while we worked on these…)

  3. abarclay12 says:

    Love it. I printed mine off, and it’s ready for my all-star bingo party. I’m mixing alcohol in there too just to make things interesting. I hope someone french kisses Suzy Kolberg on live TV. That would make my year.

  4. Holly says:

    I would let these cards sleep over.

  5. Ian says:

    awesome stuff ladies….what does the winner get?

  6. ladyandrea says:

    These are beautiful. I want to get these cards drunk and have my way with them.

  7. Yostal says:

    Oh this is pure raw undiluted brilliance. Ladies… my hat is literally off to you.

  8. This was the most fun I’ve ever had with my computer. Including that time I found that one site.

  9. mel says:

    Fantastic job, ladies! Is it also recommended to do a shot for each square you mark off?

  10. ladyandrea says:

    Mel, that was just a given.

  11. Mel – We cannot be held responsible if you end up getting your stomach pumped.

  12. Ian says:

    And of course sometimes I am not the brightest tool in the shed.

    Everyone’s a winner with these awesome bingo cards.

  13. Ian, your blog makes me insanely happy. That is all.

  14. Texas Gal says:

    Ian- you will note I made sure both our boys were included in the header BINGO images.

    And Shumway made ’em look all purty.

  15. ChasevidWrightley says:

    This is hillariously, awesomely, amazingly wonderful. I want to print out all of these. I love them.

  16. Texas Gal says:

    Does anyone else think Shumway is a photoshopping genius? Because she is.

  17. ladyandrea says:

    She’s a photoshop wizard. She’s the Dumbledore of Photoshop.

  18. Awwww…you guys…

  19. cowgalutah says:

    Nice work as always! Too bad I have to work, but now I’ll have something to entertain me!

  20. Barstoolio says:


  21. SA says:

    The Bud Selig middle square is cracking me up.

    The bingo header…so good. So fucking good.

    I bow down to the G-Shum’s photoshop mastery.

  22. I’ll be playing this — sadly, without booze. (Goddamn job.)

    Nice work, Ladies.

  23. Wow, I am totally impressed ladies. This is one of the cooler posts I have seen in quite some time. Fantastic job as always.

  24. chitowntiger says:

    Super fantastic.

  25. withmalice says:

    HILARIOUS!… now if I can just get off work to play…

  26. Cameron says:

    “Arod does something irritating” I love it.

  27. tcmcg says:

    Wow. These were clearly made by someone who knows what they were doing. I would’ve thrown my laptop into the street before I figured out how to use the N as a mask. Personally, I always look forward to “goofy dugout celebration,” and “ridiculous batter’s box ritual.”

  28. Richie Rich says:

    Incredible. Truly Incredible.

    Fabulous Work.

  29. The production quality on these cards is just amazing. Eat your heart out Hoyle! My grandmother would be so proud…. if she were still with us. :-( If you’ll excuse me, I need to go stand by the company printer and cry a little while these birds print up.

    American League 19, National League 18 (aka, Red Sox home field advantage throughout the entire post season).

  30. Disgruntled Goat says:

    Wow. You guys are just really good at life.

  31. Clare says:

    Glad to see you’re all enjoying our crazypants idea. You can thank me for some of the more retarded choices, including “Any Reds player gets playing time” and “player adjusts junk.”

    I want to lick that photo of Chutley on the NL card. Heavens to betsy that man is delicious.

  32. metschick says:

    “Arod does something irritating”

    this one is going to get used right away, because i find his mere presence to be irritating.

    Own it, A-Rod! Stop living for everyone else! (admittedly, he’s been doing more of this lately. It’s a step forward.)

  33. Unbelievable ladies. Truly outstanding work. Thank you for making my day. Again.

    My guess is Joe Speaker and his posse will figure out a way to rig this.

  34. holydogwater says:

    I marked the “A-Rod does something irritating” off my card this morning when I awoke to the news that Jeter did not kill A-Rod in his sleep last night. Stupid A-Rod!!!!!

    Does that count?

  35. Ian says:

    Thank you Texy and Shumway. And yes Texy she is the queen of photoshopping. all hail Shumway.

  36. metschick says:

    HDW: yes, yes it does.

  37. ladyandrea says:

    CriticalFan, we’ve already declared Holy Dog Water as the winner of All-Star Bingo, so no worries. : )

  38. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    We’re all winners with these cards. I’m calling BINGO! before the opening pitch.

  39. Texas Gal says:

    The winner gets her (or his) choice of the BINGO hotties, right?

  40. kufan says:

    Shouldn’t there be a square for the first ad for Chevy using the song, “This is our country?”

    *shuddering at the thought of how many times this song is going to be played*

  41. wwi_flying_ace_17 says:

    The Leyland smoking one got me laughing. Love both of the cards!

  42. […] MLB All-Star Game Excitement B-I-N-G-O Style [image] […]

  43. holydogwater says:

    Okay, just kidding about the bingo thing. I thought I had it when Joe Buck said something like “the tying run for the national league is on the steps in the dug out.” Wait, the NL just came within one.

    Come on damn it, my Red Sox need home field advantage!!!! If only A-Rod would have ran out that hit to home plate before being tagged out standing. Wait, that marks off my “irritating thing A-Rod does” square.


  44. holydogwater says:

    Am I the only loser on the Internet at the house playing All-Star Bingo tonight? Wait, Ladyandrea has already declared me a winner, so why I’m I worried. Thanks again to my favorite lady. :-)

  45. holydogwater says:

    Okay, time for bed, but before I go I just want to let everyone know that I think Ichiro is faking it and can totally speak English. You’re not fooling anyone Ichy, we’re on to you. Sleep well blogtresses. BoSox home field advantage all the way!!!!!

  46. Texas Gal says:

    Ichiro *definitely* understands English. (notice how he perked up with the mention of free agency) He is riding that pony all the way, though. Good on him- if I could fake like I didn’t speak English, and get away with it, I would, too

    Beckett gets the win! Papyboo has a scoreless 8th! WHEE!
    Bacon flies out to end the NL rally. BOO!

  47. Did David Wright stick his tongue out? Because we’d have Bingo on NL across.

  48. metschick says:

    I’m sure he did, but I didn’t notice.

    And I was watching intently.

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