*(The brackets have been reshuffled to reflect correct order of match-ups. You try putting together 88 entries. Any complaints and we will rig the voting faster than the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight.)
Voting ends Sunday June 17 at 11 PM PST.
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0 Responses to Hot Blogger Bracket – Campbell Conference – 3rd Round

  1. So hard to vote for Michigan, but MGoBlog is so good.


  2. Holly says:

    I voted for him. I voted for a Michigander. I feel dirty. But good grief, he’s talented.

  3. Ooh, this is a tough call. Do I stick with the Wolverine brethren or the worthy adversary who sent me packing?

  4. holydogwater says:

    For those fence pole sitters, let this post be your guide…

    I promise to represent the conference with class and honor, regardless of what that hooker I did not pay to have sex with is telling CNN and FoxNews.

  5. The other half.... says:

    Scott volunteers at the dog shelter and spends weekends pulling babies out of fires…. okay, maybe that’s a little much, but he does do all the laundry and vacuums, too. VERY HOT!! ;)

  6. HDW – That is a hilarious post. Well done.

  7. Janalee says:

    I haven’t read the post yet but the use of the Winnipeg Jets logo gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I miss the Jets.

  8. Janalee – Thanks. Me too. But then again, I miss the old conference names too.

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