Well, what do you know.  I have to take back everything I said last week about LeBron not having the drive/obsession/chutzpah it takes to lead his team through the Eastern Conference Finals.   25 points, 7 rebounds, and 11 assists signal that a true captain is waking up on the court, (although it should be noted that King James was scoreless in the usual Cavs’ 3rd quarter collapse), and inspiring his team to make it to the championship.

That being said, I want the old Cleveland back and I want Rasheed Wallace to keep his temper under control.  A technical for throwing your headband?  You know better Rasheed,  especially when the team has a five and half minute (!!!) stretch in the fourth quarter without scoring!  So you’re blowing a two-game lead!  Be a professional and keep yourself together!

I am happy that the Cavs have given my friend Jeremy his sanity back, (although watching the game with him on Sunday was down right scary – that furniture did not stand a chance),  but as a Pistons fan I cannot watch this series unravel the way it has the past two games without feeling some amount of guilt for last week’s open letter to LeBron.



 The Pirates are in second place in the NL Central!  The Pirates are in second place!!!  4 wins in 5 games with last night’s 4-1 win over the Padres! Sure they’re still 5 games below .500, but they’re in second place!  (Yes these are the wrong Pirates, but in a game that featured Tom Gorzelanny verses David Wells on the mound and Jason Bay as your home run hitter, you look elsewhere for hotties.)



The American men stink!  Stinking up the French Open worse than last month’s brie!  Worse than Morbier (which really smells!) , Mimolette (which gets mites!),  and Livarot (ok, that one is actually pretty tasty),  all grilled together on a moldy baguette of unpasteurized stench!

The American men went 0-8 on Tuesday, the worst show for US in 30 years. You can mope all you want Roddick, but you still stink.   (And while we’re at it, can you talk to the people at Lacoste about re-sizing the alligator back to its original form for tennis? This isn’t hip-hop with with “Big Pony” you know.)  Fin.


No real Steelers news this week,  other than Ben Roethlisberger talking that about how he’s not going to talk about his contract extension until there is something to talk about, so I spent the past few days mulling over this Danbury Mint ad that came in the mail.


Pittsburgh Steelers fans have high expectations, and rightfully so.  With an impressive collection of five Super Bowl championships and 17 division titles,  the Steelers are one of the NFL’s most storied teams.

Now, you can show your pride for the Pittsburgh Steelers with unrivaled enthusiasm.  Presenting… The Pittsburgh Steelers Heart Bracelet, a fashionable platinum – plated bracelet featuring the legendary Steelers logo.

This exquisite bracelet would make a spirited addition to your gameday attire or a fashionable addition to any other outfit.

Any other outfit?  Ladies, if you ever see me wearing something like this with any other outfit in a non-Super Bowl winning year, please promise me you’ll sit me down for a marathon of “Project Runway”, “ANTM”, and some old video tapes of CNN’s Elsa Klensch’s “Style”. 


And finally, get your credit cards out and the number of the bail bondsman ready;  GordonShumway, Holly, and myself are converging in Hollywood tonight for a first ever meeting of any of the Ladies! We’ll miss Clare, Andie, SA, Texy, and Wanda – all of whom have been moved to seperate bunkers in case a hit goes out on us tonight – but I think we can all agree this is huge step for Ladiesdotdotdot.com! 

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0 Responses to Hottie Hit and Run – Wednesday we finally meet!

  1. JP says:

    Hollywood has seen a lot, but is it prepared for tonight?

    I may have to call the mayor and have him provide extra security for every hot celebrity.

  2. ladyandrea says:

    Can I be the Secretary of Agriculture left behind in the Oval? I have a best friend and she is smarter than me, so I got a Chief of Staff all picked out….

  3. Mike White says:

    Excellent…everything is going according to plan. You will not be able to escape. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. metschick says:

    That Steelers bracelet reminds me of all the cheesy Mets earrings I see on older women.

    WHY? I’m as big a Mets fan as anyone else, but those earrings are all just so tacky.

    And mmm – Andy Roddick.

  5. Holly says:

    Why yes, I am wearing my fightin’ shoes.

  6. Radioman says:

    So which one of you is going to end up in the paparazzi photo passed out in the front seat of the SUV?

  7. Man I was !!! happy last night.

    Metsy – What is your stance on 14K team logo charms?

  8. Yostal says:

    LA (the city, not our beloved Iowa gal), no NFL team, but three of the Ladies…

    I think it’s a fair trade.

  9. Clare says:

    TSW ROCKS THE ELSA KLENSCH REFERENCE!!! Damn, I used to love that show.

    Tex and I come through with photos of our outings; There better be photographic documentation of tonight’s debauchatastic event.

  10. Texas Gal says:

    Agreed, Clare.

    Also- you cannot pass up that bracelet. It’s PLATINUM-PLATED, y’all.

  11. metschick says:

    TSW: 14K team logo charms? I’m not a fan.

    Then again, I don’t really do jewelry. I love it, but for me, I’m good with some earrings and my chain.

  12. Clare – I loved, LOVED Elsa Klensch growing up. She’s probably the only reason I have any clue how to dress myself at all.

    Texy – It’s not the Swarovski Crystals that do it for you? I thought you gals in Texas bathed in them.

  13. ladyandrea says:

    Oh god, I know a lady who collects Swarovski crystal. Her house is like a giant prism, it’s frightening.

  14. Andie – You knew my grandmother?

  15. Burnsy says:

    As I was being forced to drink Cuervo and Hypnotiq shots for my birthday last night, I saw this clip and went nuts. Of course I forgot it and have been sitting at my work desk all morning, thinking, “What was that F-ing video I was supposed to find on YouTube?”

    One more reason I adore this group of gals.

  16. Texas Gal says:

    No, TSW- we’re classier than that. We go for the platinum-plating, first and foremost. The crystals are just bonus.

    And the thought of a house filled with crystals sounds like hell. Imagine the amount of windex you have to keep on hand.

  17. ladyandrea says:

    Texy, I cat-sat for her once and if I went at the wrong time of day, I had to run around closing all the blinds like a fucking creeper.

    TSW, well yes. But not because of her crystals. We used to play Bridge.

  18. Texy – Grandma dusted like a mad woman. And played a lot of bridge. Must be a common model of grandma.

  19. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    Uh-oh. I figured the leaflet of the bracelet hanging around TSW/TSB HQ was a subtle way of TSW hinting she wanted a certain platinum-plated special “something” prior to the start of another NFL season where I talks stats out of my ass and TSW manages to hold herself back from strangling me.

    I wonder what their return policy is?

  20. Clare says:

    As I was being forced to drink Cuervo and Hypnotiq shots for my birthday last night…

    1. Happy birfday Burnsy.
    2. Cuervo and Hpnotiq together? I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  21. TSW's M says:

    TSB — No to the platinum plated —

  22. Wow. My mom just called out my boyfriend in this thread. (She must have sensed me talking about Grandma.)

    “Worlds are colliding!”

  23. Clare says:

    TSB — No to the platinum plated –


  24. metschick says:


    Hi, TSW’s M!

  25. Burnsy says:

    Clare, I would never drink Windex, but I imagine that’s what it would taste like.

  26. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    (Gulp) Hi TSW’s Mom.

    I realize with TSW’s taste reflects something far greater than platinum-plating and would of course provide her with the best kind of white gold/cubic-zarconium that money can buy!

  27. For some reason I now have that weird feeling you used to get in high school when you were up stairs making out and the garage door started opening

  28. Clare says:

    Burnsy, some of my friends and I like Red Bull, Hpnotiq, and citrusy vodka. We call it the Incredible Hulk.

  29. Clare that sounds… sick.

    I’m feeding at least two to the other Ladies tonight.

  30. Burnsy says:

    I thought an Incredible Hulk was Hennessey and Hypnotiq. At least that’s what I’ve heard from my urban friends.

  31. Holly says:

    Hypnotiq almost killed this girl. I think I’ll just take pictures. Something tells me we’ll be doing a lot of pixellating before they get posted, too.

  32. Burnsy says:

    According to DrinkNation.com, I am correct. But yours sounds much much better.

  33. I’ve got my camera ready…

    And Burnsy, you don’t have any “urban” friends. You’re whiter than my wall.

  34. Burnsy says:

    That’s not true. I say “word” a lot.

  35. Ozymandias says:

    All I know is that San Antonio is going to win it all, decisively.

  36. TSW's M says:

    Ladies —

    I haven’t read anything about the meeting on Wednesday evening.

    I think I’m still someone’s in case of emergency person.

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