There is no way to sugarcoat this post.

I am fucking exhausted. I hate my job. I sat through a messy Pirates loss in the 10th at Dodger Stadium over the weekend. The Penguins are out of the playoffs. I’m stuck here watching the Laker-Suns game, my laptop is burning my thighs, we’re out of Diet Cherry Pepsi here at TSW headquarters, and quite frankly, I have fucking cramps.

So what does that mean for you, dear gentle Ladies reader?


I am tired and I’m trotting out the hits. The Google hits.

Hotties that you, the readers, the stalkers, and the frisky type into the search field and push the “I’m feeling lucky” button and end up with here at Ladies.

Pandering? Abso-fucking-lutely yes.

On Top of the Google Hits list With a bullet – Michael Phelps

If we had nothing but pictures of Michael Phelps up every day, we’d be one of the busiest sports blogs on the planet. (We’d also get more use out of the “Welcome to WeHo” tag.)

Before you get lost trying to imagine what the bottom of that tattoo looks like without that troublesome swimsuit, be sure to check out the “More Questions with Phelps” interview posted the other day on



Number 2 on our Googly List – Adam Haluska

Ok, I have to admit Adam is not really my taste. Too “Children of the Corn” for me, even for someone who plays for Iowa.

But hey, since we last checked in with him he’s been named Iowa’s MVP and got ready for the draft.





Hey, did someone ask for another swimmer at #3 in our Gogol-Yahooy post? Number 3 – Ryan Lochte

He recently took down one of the fastest swimmers on the planet.

He’s doing the right thing and inspiring young swimmers like had had been inspired in his youth.

(I also think he’s cuter than Phelps.)

I really don’t have anything else, so please enjoy this extra large picture of his pecs. Marvel at how bright his tattoo is, despite swimming all the time. (How did he do that? I got my first ink 15 years ago and it faded that very night from some ill-advised pool-hopping.)

The GogoJeeves hits get muddled after these top three, and on any given day it could be Joakim Noah, Wyc Grousbeck, Barry Zito, or Pam Oliver in a fight for fourth place.

Not on the list, but I am posting his picture just because I just watched him kiss his biceps has he humiliates Kobe and Crew. (And it is my Wednesday H&R post and I can change the rules at the end if I want to.)

Steve Nash

About time we made “tongue wagging” tag.

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49 Responses to Hit and Run – Wednesday of the Weary

  1. It’s a damn shame such a beautiful body has such a goofy looking head attached to it. Swimmers are the forgotten hotties of the sports world, such wonderful bodies on full display for all to enjoy. Aaron Peirsol is my personal favorite; god bless the breaststrokers.

  2. metschick says:

    That body had a head?!

    And Dontrelle is now a daddy! Her name is Adrianna Rose. Pretty.

  3. ladyandrea says:

    I appreciate the Haluska love, TSW. You’re right, his face is kind of freaky-looking. I think part of the reason I love him is because I know him. I do like that picture, though. : )

  4. Andrea, are you the one googling him all the time? ;-)

  5. Clare says:

    Steve Nash kissed his biceps? That is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Please, somebody, find a YouTube of that!

    Good on Dontrelle for naming his little girl something normal. Adrianna Rose is a pretty name.

  6. Disco Stu says:

    Does “normal”, here, substitute for “caucasian”?

    Seriously… If I have children, when I have children, I want twins, & I want to name them Hiram & Mirah. There will also be a Caleb.

  7. Clare says:

    Not necessarily, Stu: I just am tired of all the Mackenzies, Taylors, Connors, Morgans, Addisons, Jadens, and (as much as I love her) the Kylies of the world. I was on a plane recently, and the man in the row behind me had a kid named Maverick. Maverick! Maverick was his CALL SIGN, not his REAL NAME, people!

    What the hell is wrong with “Michael”? Or “Marie”? Or “Elizabeth”? If I ever have kids, they’re getting saints’ names, and liking it.

  8. Grimey says:

    What about Colt? Can we still name kids Colt?

  9. throwbot says:

    @ Grimey: Only if his middle name is “Forty-Five”

  10. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    I’m an advocate for “Hank” or “Herb”. Not nearly enough monosylllabic names for kids these days. (e.g., “Bob,” “Stan,” “Stew,” “Molly” or “Bing”.)

    More Diet Cherry Pepsi is on the way, TSW.

  11. ladyandrea says:

    Molly is monosyllabic?

    TSW, it always makes me laugh when we get one or two searches for Haluska. What’s up with that?

  12. Isn’t Molly two beats? I might have to clap my hands for that one.

    TSB – What was that name I really liked and you made fun of for hours? I cannot remember now. Like I really got mad at you for not liking that name.

  13. Holly says:

    He recently took down one of the fastest swimmers on the planet.

    I can’t be the only one who went straight for the takedown joke. Rrrrrowr.

  14. Clare – I forgot to say that I was going to YouTube the biceps-kissing myself, but I was loosing the will to live at that point in the evening.

    (Not like today is any better, but still.)

    Holly – Thank you. :)

  15. SA says:

    I think Clare would hate my first name then. And middle.

  16. Texas Gal says:

    Any guy who is not interested in having a son named Colt does not need to marry me. Because there will be a Colt. And a Clemens. And a Darrell Royal. And a Nolan.

  17. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    TSW– obviously it was something with several syllables that ultimately was sillier than any child should be named. Something along the lines of “Anastasia” or “Delores”. (You’re asking for your daughter to get pushed off the tire swing with names like that.)

    (clap) Mol (clap) ly. Shoot. My bad.

    Honestly, after 42 seconds of concentrated thinking, I could not for the life of me think of a monosyllabic girl’s name. Heck “TSW” isn’t even one syllable.

  18. Texas Gal says:

    Sue. Ann. Leigh. That’s all I got.

  19. Lisa_from_Illinois says:


  20. ladyandrea says:

    I like Jill and Jane, if we’re going monosyllabic.

  21. Andie! – “Jane and Jill” was the name of a lesbian comedy I once wrote!

  22. Meg. Clare. Beth. Liz. Fawn (it’s a girls name, really). Pearl. Jan(n).

    And I’m spent.

  23. ladyandrea says:

    That’s awesome, I’m like a psychic. I also enjoy Mae and Rae (as monosyllabic names, but I guess that could be a lesian comedy too).

  24. I don’t like Rae, but like Mae/May.

    June? Have we said June yet? Jess.

    Elric – How can people forget Fawn Hall?

    Oh! Dawn!

  25. TSW – Good point.

    Jen. Kay.

  26. Clare says:

    SA, you’re cool with me. I just am anomalous in that I like old people names. Marie. Paul. Thomas. Eustace.

    For the longest time, I was the only Clare I knew. Now Clare is becoming a trendy name, and I don’t feel very happy about that.

  27. metschick says:

    LA – I love Jill and Jane (spelled Jayne – I like that spelling. And I’m one of those who is vehemently against crazy spellings).

    Since my name is so dull and drab, I love flowery girly names. Baby Mets’ name was going to be one of the following: Amelia, Veronica, Cassandra or Samantha.

  28. ladyandrea says:

    Mets, I think you chose the right one, even though I do like the other 3 choices.

    Clare, you mean you’re the only one sans i? Cause I actually know a lot of Claires. You are the third “Clare” I’ve known.

  29. Darth. My child will be Darth.

  30. Clare says:

    Andie, I was one of the few Catholics at my school, and therefore I was one of the few girls who has a saint’s name. Clare/Claire was not a popular name among little Jewish girls.

    Saint Clare is the coolest, though: She’s the patron saint of television, and I firmly believe she and Saint Francis of Assisi had a hot thing going.

  31. I like St. Jude. Lost causes, baby, lost causes.

    Also St. Barbara, the patron saint of coal miners and lightning.

    Oh, and St. Elmo, the patron saint of Emilio Estevez.

  32. ladyandrea says:

    My favorite saint is Saint Dymphna. Patron saint of mental illness. She has a great story.

  33. St. Anthony is my favorite – Patron Saint of lost articles, sailors and asses.

  34. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    Well, my poor brother got the shaft with “Cohn”. You want to talk about a kid that saw the underside of a lot of size-6 New Basic sneakers, that’d do it.

    How about “Sandy” for a girl? Except– Big “S”, small “a”, small “n”, Big “D”, small “e”, Big “E”– SanDeE?

  35. I loooooove L.A. Story!

  36. TSB – Don’t for get the * in her name.

  37. GS – I love LA Story too.

    Speaking of which, look at his Variety Breaking News Flash –

    New Line to remake ‘All of Me’
    New Line has signed Queen Latifah to star in a remake of “All of Me,” the 1984 comedy starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin.

    Adam Shankman and Offspring Entertainment partner Jennifer Gibgot will produce with Ira Posansky. Latifah will exec produce with Shakim Compere, her manager and partner in Flavor Unit.


  38. If you’ll excuse me, I have some D-Con to eat.

  39. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    Hey! Nothing beats the remake of DIRTY DOZEN with Guy Ritchie directing.

  40. Grimey says:

    TheStarterBoyfriend: Actually, that has the potential to be awesome. I like to remember Guy Ritchie for his good movies.

  41. Grimey – You mean just the ONE good movie.

  42. steve says:

    Chiming in late to this party…. but I will name a child “Stone” come hell or high water. I also subscribe to the monosyllabic theory. And if they get a odd first name, they get a vanilla middle name, just in case they hate their first name and want to change it later with relative ease.

  43. Steve – Your surname isn’t “Austin” or “Cold” is it?

  44. Disco Stu says:

    Anastasia is a great name; Dolores, not so much.

    But peep this, from our Spanish-speaking brethren: Hortencia. & it’s a woman’s name, naturally. Gracias a Dios que la palabra no sea “whore” en espanol.

  45. Grimey says:

    TheStarterWife: if you are talking about Swept Away, I will be upset.

  46. Genny says:

    Due to a misunderstanding a story about the naming process my parents went through, a friend of mine thought that I was going to be named Hunter before my parents found Genevieve and has now decided to name her daughter Hunter. She could be “Hunny” for short, cause that’s not a stripper name at all.

    I was just going to be Hunter if I had been a boy. After Hunter Thompson. Mom’s choice.

    Good Guy Ritchie movie? Snatch? *Ducks*

  47. candybuttons says:

    Ok, I’m totally late to the party, but TG, I love that you want to name a child Darrell Royal. Hook ’em!! Is it wrong that I want to name one of my kids Major? (Which is even funnier if you consider the fact that it’s tradition in my family to give all boys the middle name Thomas. So he’d be Major Tom!!! ahahahahahaha) :)

    And Clare? What the heck is wrong with Addison?? For the longest time, I wanted to name my first daughter Cameron Addison (after Cameron Indoor Stadium and the El stop for Wrigley Field–because Cameron Wrigley is more of a boy’s name, and I want a sports-loving daughter, so I thought I’d start early, with the naming process!) But now everyone I know who graduated from Duke is naming their kid Cameron. I predict that in 18 years, the entire freshman class at Duke will be named Cameron. Geez. And ever since Grey’s Anatomy, there are lots more Addisons popping up. Pop culture, you’re killing me here…

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