My new Pirate boyfriend Xavier Nady hit one home run and the go-ahead RBI in last night’s 3-2 win over the Astros.   (In Monday night’s opener, he hit the top of ninth homer that took the game into extra innings that ended with a Pirates 4-2 victory)  OMG WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY! We could share cake and ice cream!

 Kovy Russian Cosmo

Congratulations to one of the Illya Kovalchuk and the Atlanta Thrashers for making the play-offs for the first time in their seven year history.  (Yes I know this news is two days old, but so few people report on hockey any more chances are it is new to you.  Odds are you don’t get Verses anyway.  And who can ever get tired of looking at Kovy? )


 Lebron James came back from resting a sore right knee and just played at  “80-85%” , scoring 31 points and 12 rebounds in the Cavs 101-88 win over the Timberwolves.  If being 80% means scoring a double-double, what is 100%?  A triple-double while filming yet another Multiplicity-style Nike ad?  (I really want to go pat his belly in that picture.)


The Lady Vols ended an 9-year title drought, (they make it sound bad, but that is less than a decade ago), winning the NCAA championship 59-46 over Rutgers.   Congrats to Lady Holly and her gals, and condolences to Lady Metschick and her team.  
(Speaking of Holly, be sure to check out her interview on EDSBS’s podcast here on their Now Live web channel.)

And the TSW favorite blog quote of the week comes from talking about Mr. Fedko Zone’s call-in show –

By the way, on the night of the Pirate opener, the NCAA championship, and a magical Penguins playoff run pending, the caller at 11:57 on a Monday night on April 2 wanted to talk about Alan Faneca. Thought that was worth mentioning.

If you suckers are reading Mondesishouse at least a few times a week, you’re totally missing out on all things glorious about the ‘Burgh.  The above quote had me laughing about the ‘Yinzer’ way of always thinking of football first, until I realized that just this morning my new Steelers satchel came in the mail today.  

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7 Responses to Hottie Hit and Run – Wednesday is for Winners

  1. Texas Gal says:

    I agree Xavier is a hottie, but I can’t fully get on board since he’s here because his team is beating the tar out of my Astros. I promise to support his hotness next week, when the bloodbath is but a memory.

  2. Holly says:

    “Interview” = “acting the fool on live air”. Also, don’t miss the part where EDSBS Cajun denizen RCR calls me his “soul-image”. I don’t know what that means, but it was hot.

  3. Candace Parker = hot.

  4. metschick says:

    Signal to Noise: yes. I was mentioning that to Holly last night. She’s crazy pretty, and has such great skin.

  5. Holly says:

    The best part of the game for me was watching the big-ass grin on her face as she told the crowd she’s coming back next year. She’s freaking luminous.

  6. mcbias says:

    Man, all you late-comers get off the Candace Parker bandwagon. Off! Off! No more room! :-)

  7. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    Speaking of cool b-ball commercials, anyone remember this gem?

    And THAT’S your b-day? Uh. Oh yeah! OF COURSE I knew that.

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