Congratulations Weber State, you managed to hold on to your 21 point lead and defeat Northern Arizona 88-80.  Your invitation to the Big Dance is now secure.   (Although hand it to the Lumberjacks.  The fought back and came to within in 2 points of tying the game up late in the second half. Pity, because I was kinda rooting for Northern Arizona.) 

So join me and hit Start->Programs->Accessories->Paint.    And we ain’t resizing a thing.

Your winning Hottie MVP –  Juan Pablo Silveria.




This guy from Northern Arizona, with the cool name Stephen Sir, cried at the end of the game.   I wanted to give him a hug.






 I am not even sure if this guy played. TJ Benson was one of my hottie pics from the Panty Raid.   I didn’t notice a lot of floppy hair.







At least Kyle Landry is a junior.  He can try again next year to take a better team photo.






David Patten is the Big Sky MVP.   He also broke his cheekbone during the season.  Patten should totally keep his face safe, so he gets the Laimbeer treatment.







Tyrone Bazy.  He killed in the Lumberjack’s semi-final game against Montana.  Plus, I am a sucker for NHS guys.   Also hotter in real life.



My poor Portland State.  Sorry Paul,  Dwayne, and Sean.   You lost a very close one to Weber State in the Semi-Finals.  





(OK, so I couldn’t bring myself to draw on Sean.  I mean, look at him.)





Montana, well you lost in the semis to Northern Arizona and I hated your tuxedo pics.

Bracketologists are pitting Weber State against the 1 seed UCLA.   That would be a sweet win, and if history has taught us anything, it is that Weber State that could pull of that upset.

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12 Responses to Big Sky Hangover – A recap in MSPaint

  1. Holly says:

    YES. Bravissimo.

  2. ladyandrea says:

    Very cute, TSW.

  3. metschick says:

    Grr, I’m a bear. Awesome.

  4. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    I protest the implication that Montana is only full of bears and guys with crappy Caesar haircuts in rented tuxes. There are plenty of Hell’s Angels rejects and a nice assortment furry marmots, too.

    Go Bruins! (What? It’s a kind of bear.)

  5. Texas Gal says:

    Juan Pablo is beautimous. Lurve him- and the paint crown is even better.

  6. PeteJayhawk says:

    So when’s the Big XII preview?

  7. Texas Gal says:

    In process now, Chickenhawk.

  8. Suss-- says:

    The first lady… to recap a conference in MacDraw wins my eternal affection.

  9. Jen P says:

    Hey, my first trip to Ladies…!

    TSW, I had just left a comment on Deadspin about how I shook JP’s hand this afternoon. And I melted a little. Okay, yeah, a lot.

  10. Huzzah! The Mighty Jen P has finally arrived!

    Be sure to check out our hockey posts!

  11. Jen P says:

    Hoc-key? Hooray!

  12. SA says:

    Great TSW. Just great.

    Poor Sean, Paul, and Dwayne. I can make the pain go away.

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