Give me a day or so to take a pic. And figure out how to make it “flashing” gif.

And I am so PMS-y right now, so if I am bloated don’t laugh. (Or I will stab you in the eye!)

And the StarterBoyfriend is really unhappy… read the conversation after the jump…

StarterWife (12:39:55 PM): hey

StarterWife (12:40:03 PM): so you need to take a “photo” of me

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:04 PM): Hi.

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:06 PM): O.K.

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:08 PM): Why?

StarterWife (12:40:12 PM): Ben won

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:20 PM): Ben won what?

StarterWife (12:40:20 PM): I am going to shrink it small

StarterWife (12:40:32 PM): and then make an animated gif

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:36 PM): Oh no.

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:40 PM): Oh no way.

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:52 PM): Take a picture of me without my shirt on and send that instead.

StarterWife (12:43:02 PM): No

StarterBoyfriend (12:43:20 PM): <sigh>

StarterWife (12:43:22 PM): you said you would

StarterWife (12:43:27 PM): help

StarterBoyfriend (12:43:31 PM): Yeah, yeah, yeah.

StarterBoyfriend (12:43:37 PM): Do you know how to animate a .gif?

StarterWife (12:43:43 PM): I think so

StarterBoyfriend (12:43:47 PM): Oh great.

StarterBoyfriend (12:43:50 PM): Well.

StarterBoyfriend (12:43:56 PM): Here’s to “trying new things”…

StarterWife (12:44:03 PM): lol… you’re funny

StarterBoyfriend (12:44:05 PM): At least you didn’t say you’d shave your head.

StarterWife (12:44:09 PM): very true

StarterBoyfriend (12:44:20 PM): Well, remind me later.

StarterWife (12:45:03 PM): yes, because this is something you’re apt to forget

StarterBoyfriend (12:45:18 PM): Um.

StarterBoyfriend (12:45:23 PM): I’m already trying to.

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7 Responses to Hooray! Ben Wins!

  1. Suss says:

    I’d be more pissed that my name is Starter Boyfriend, but that’s why I’m single.

  2. JB* says:

    So what do we get if Ben wins it all?

  3. Probity and Sport says:

    StarterBoyfriend gets them every day! He shouldn’t be pissed.

    We finally get to share his joy.

  4. JB – There is no chance in hell that he’s going to win the whole thing.

  5. E says:

    He could be the dark horse if the breastesis are really spectacular.

  6. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    IF they’re spectacular? Good God. Bunch of Glass-Half-Empty Deadspinners, aren’t you?

  7. Moonshine Mike says:

    I believe the quote is “they are real AND spectacular”.

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