Since I just use this blog as an outlet for my Defamer/Deadspin commenting, I should explain the “TheStarterWife” moniker. I’ve been asked about it many times via Gawker postings, emails, and… well, just those two ways. (Although it is flattering that people would be bothered to email about the name.)

I received my comment invite via Defamer, after there had been months and months of coverage of Gigi Grazer’s, (nee Gigi Levangie), new book, The Starter Wife. (Gigi Grazer being the wife of uber-producer Brian Grazer.)

(Random Google links for Defamer The Starter Wife Grazer… you’ll see what I mean.)

The book is terrible, (homeless man who becomes love interest of a Hollywood divorcee on the beaches of Malibu who turns out to be a reluctant millionaire?), but I respect where it comes from. Kind of. Not really, but ok. Los Angeles is a terrible, terrible place to age and the entertainment industry is tough on any marriage.

(Which leads me to how much I hate that Debbie Messing has been cast as the lead in the mini-series based upon the book, and that Miranda Otto has been cast as her best friend. Those women we’re written much older than 40, and frankly Otto still looks to be in her early 30’s.)

So that explains that, and why I refer to my partner as both “TheStarterBoyfriend” and “TheStarterHusband”. “Husband” goes with “Wife” better, but “Boyfriend” is what he is in actuality. (Mostly because TheStarterWife believes in marriage for everyone else but her.)

Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to Why "TheStarterWife"?

  1. JB* says:

    All righty – simple enough explanation! Thanks!

  2. guy nova scotia says:

    Yeah, marriage blows.

  3. PhoneyMonkey says:

    You guys suck. Marriage is wonderful. You get a ring you can hock when your poker stakes are low and new kitchen appliances. What’s not to like?

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