Ok, so I don’t live in the Valley but the power was out last night so I couldn’t 1) Time all the episodes this season thus far and 2) rewatch Sunday’s episode.

Which means I am taking this time to spread my next-door neighbor’s gospel.  We live in the lower part of the Hills,  which means stucco and Spanish tile small buildings.  It also means no air conditioning because of the age/design of our place.  My neighbor believes that since we don’t have A/C, we should be on a separate power grid.  We watch as houses in our area upgrade to 500 amp power supplies and sigh as we plug along with our little 100 amp hook-ups, knowing all of those upgrades cannot be sustained by the lines in our ‘hood.

So you hear that A/C people? We hate you.  We want the power to go out just at your houses.  We’re not the ones taxing the systems.

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