A bit off topic, but I cannot stand this type of gender bashing.

Fans like Prato say the show’s new storylines that include more women could help broaden the appeal and maybe pick up some female fans born in, say, the Johnson administration.

Older woman cannot like comedy?  Are they so past their 20’s that the no longer have a sense of humor and interest about young men trying to find their way in the world? 

Do they watch the show just hoping for a fleeting glimpse the hapless wife trying to get her husband to have sex with her, terrorizing his assistant into scheduling a therapy session along the way?  Maybe older woman just want to dream about being the potty-mouthed PR-flack with the hot car and hard to get handbag.

Conversely, are younger women still to dumb to understand when they are being "victimized" by the one-night stands that regularly fill the show?  Or are their aspirations to be like Sloan, the smart beauty living the LA socialite life?

Or maybe, just maybe, does good story telling cross gender lines?  (See – Box office success of "The Devil Wears Prada.) 

(Which for the record I hated in both book and movie form.)

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