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For the last couple of days, Devin has been complaining about the weather in NYC. I teased him about it yesterday, but could tell that a second day of “obligatory ’82 degrees in Southern California” comments would not go over well.

All of this brings to mind one of my favorite scores of the holidays, which I am using right now in honor of Devin’s mood.

GreekcupsMy partner received one as a part of a gift basket from a client, and having never lived (or even visited) NYC, he had no idea what it meant. I, of course, flipped out. Eventually, I asked if I could have it, (always a good idea to wait a few weeks before cherry-picking someone’s gift baskets), and soon it came home with me.

I am not going to say the cup makes me feel smarter, or that the coffee tastes any better, but it does put me in a different place when I use it. All the Los Angeles sun in the world cannot compete with a blue cup. (Besides, back with I dated the CMU/Berkley professor, I said I was moving to Los Angeles so I no longer had to think.)

I am glad to see that people with some pretty big brains also have the ceramic Greek cup on their mind.

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4 Responses to East coast moods, smarts, and cups

  1. Shubbadubba says:

    It’s a blue cup with a mass-produced message of servitude. What’s the big dealio? Typically I’m more than pleased should Starbuck employee’s remember to put out those little coffee ringlets so that I don’t burn my little mittens on their scorching lattes. Does a little blue cardboard and some bizarre Greek nude men really make a difference in your caffeine-riddled day? Please explain…

  2. otherpeoplesblogs says:

    The cardboard is thick so you never burn your hands, but allows enough heat to escape as to warm your little fingers walking down the avenue on a cold winter’s day.

  3. devincf says:

    I love those cups. They’re on their way out I think. I rarely encounter them anymore – I get a lot of branded advertising cups.

  4. otherpeoplesblogs says:

    Blasphemy! The blue cups being one of the few things that made “untoasted” bagels bearable. (Imagine my shock the first time I ever ordered a bagel with cream cheese in the greater NYC area and it came untoasted. I thought it was a fluke, and then the next time I ordered one. A semi-warm bagel with cream cheese. WTF.)

    I do however hate the ads that show up on some coffee-jackets. There is a place over by Warner Brothers that does that, (I think the last time I went it was for LOTR, like there were not enough ads for that.) Same place has the ads on the parking space “blocks”.

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