From a blog I used to have called Otherpeoplesblogs.

LAist was all sports all weekend, but since nothing had to do with the NFL I didn’t get too far with it. (Otherpeoplesblogs cannot think straight this time of year, especially with the Steelers facing a tough appointment in the J-E-T-S. Even with the line being around 9 points in the Steelers’ favor, we remain cautiously optimistic.)

Today however, they posted a great interview with Tony Pierce, the guy who runs busblog, adventures with not having a car in LA. (More power too him in this rain.)

Phrases that made me love him in the interview:

Every encounter was beautiful and bizarre and mindblowing and precisely the reason that young boys learn how to play the guitar.

9. One of my high school teachers refused to capitalize “i” when writing in the first person as a form of protest against the culture of egotism in Western society. Does this explanation ring true to you, or do you hate the Shift key and “correct” typing in general, or is there some other reason for eschewing of lower case letters?

I don’t hate the shift key. In fact you may notice that I wrote most of this using capital letters out of respect to your fine website. I do things lowercase because im lazy and I have very little time to write before I have to get back to work.

But I also want to remind people that my blog, and most of what is happening on the web should be taken with a grain of salt (if not a whole sack of salt). Just cuz a guy capitalizes or has good grammar doesn’t mean hes not full of crap. Therefore im letting people know straight up that im full of crap and lazy and im not even paying attention to spelling or grammar, therefore you shouldn’t pay toooo much attention as to what im saying. Unless of course you totally agree with what im saying and want to make sweet love to me, in that case, pay lots of attention.

Phrases that made me love him on his blog:

i touched her ankle with my sneaker, she blushed. footsies are so underrated. especially in swanky places on second dates.

especially as a device to get the ho sweet lass to shut her trap.


rule number 2 is pay for everything.


theres a reason why men get paid $1.65 for ever $1 a woman makes, so that we can buy things for them. especially dinner and drinks. dont be a pudtz.

I was looking through his links, and found a picture of Jimmy posted in some gal named Ashley’s blog. (In true Jimmy form, he was at 101.) What a flirt. Funny because just yesterday we were sitting around my place talking about how great of a guy he is and the best word I could use to describe him was passionate.

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