From a blog I used to have called Otherpeoplesblogs.

Found this pretty well-known blog “Anonymous Lawyer”. Real or not, it is written by a “partner” at a NYC firm. And even if it is fake, the people that post back in the comments section tend to be lawyers and law students.

I love this quote from right before the Thanksgiving break,

“We had a little party in my practice area today at lunchtime, to celebrate Thanksgiving. What a waste. You don’t think about this when you’re an associate, but as a partner it becomes very clear that every dollar that gets spent on unnecessary frivolities is money out of my pocket.”

Sounds familiar.

Posted in D’s blog today. Don’t know why, other than they had left a pretty vital film off of their year-end list, especially come Oscar time. Did it under my usual anonymous name though. Don’t know why, other than I don’t think D’s partner likes me, so I feel like I have to hide. (Which is pretty sucky.)

Probably should not have posted, but, what can you do. The downpour hasn’t stopped all day and with all the noise it is making, I haven’t been able to concentrate enough read/write/pay bills.

It feels like nothing is happening this week. More than just the Guest Defamer not posting anything else past mid-afternoon.

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  1. People Are Talking

    I figure this story must be effectively dis-embargoed, as bloggers are starting to notice it.

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