From a blog I used to have called Otherpeoplesblogs.

So here it starts. Due to the holiday weekend, no one is updating their blog. I would comment all of these blogs, “Hey! Where are you!”, but that would seem a little sad.

“Demented and sad, but social.” (This quote will always remind me of my senior class president, who would repeat it endless when we were in middle school. Not to be mixed up with the student council president. She had more power.)

Mind you, I am highly critical of blogs and on-line journals in general. (And already I’ve sunk into what I hate the most about blogs/live-journals. Inner-dialog becoming out-dialog. And this is just my first post.)

Anyway, I just wanted to post about the lack of updates, without actually complaining on anyone’s journal. I am planning on asking a good friend of mine to help out, hoping we could both ramble on about how no one has updated anything, review our colleague’s blogs, and just generally have an grand old time.

Hopefully, they will play along.

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