• Learning how to speak French
  • Finding Ottawa on a map (American and European players only)
  • Match each Staal brother to their corresponding team
  • Bidding on the Phoenix Coyotes
  • Guessing the size of Chara’s stick
  • Name seven Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Fastest Molson opening (using only your teeth)
  • Puck bunny shootout
  • Staring contest with Don Cherry’s suit
  • Build a new area for the New York Islanders out of popsicle sticks (Winner to be used for 2012-2013 season)
  • Properly diagnosing Sidney Crosby’s head injury
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2 Responses to Lesser Known NHL All-Stars Skills Competitions

  1. TH says:

    Flopping competition, which Scotty Hartnell has on lockdown.

  2. njpa Nick says:

    Reciting Drake lyrics

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