Looks like even on the Entourage messageboard people are getting restless –

Entourage jumped the shark with this episode. The acting was awkward, the dialogue was strained, and the whole plot felt contrived. It’s all downhill from here. Thanks for ruining my favorite show.

More people saying that the Dom character was moment the show jumped the shark –

General anti-HBO rant –

Sound Off to HBO Executives
To HBO: Wake up and watch your brand decline, Pete Advises

I’ve noticed a serious decline in the quality of programming on HBO over the last year. The quality of movies (third and fourth run?) is pathetic. First we lost Curb Your Enthusiasm, we wait 2 years for The Sopranos, and now Carnivale is cancelled. Yet we have Deadwood (gratuitous swearing is stupid and sophomoric) Entourage (yawn), Six Feet Under (Ok, but no Carnivale) and the same movies over and over and over. HBO used to set the standard. Now it is at the level of basic cable. I’m canceling my subscription. HBO has become a joke and a rip-off.

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